About Us

Johnson & Johnson is an international company with headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We are the world’s most comprehensive manufacturer of healthcare products, as well as a provider of related services for the consumer, pharmaceutical and professional markets.

Approximately 110 000 people are employed worldwide by 200 operating companies in 57 countries, and our products are sold in 175 countries.

The fundamental objective of Johnson & Johnson is to provide scientifically sound, high quality products and services to help heal, cure disease and improve the quality of life. This is a goal that began with the Company's founding in 1886.

The core principles of our business are caring and trust. The Johnson & Johnson Credo, a one-page document that outlines our responsibilities to our customers, employees, the community and shareholders was written by our founder General Robert Wood Johnson in 1943.

Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Limited has been in South Africa since 1930, manufacturing and distributing a full range of consumer and over-the-counter products from our factories in East London and Cape Town. Our Head Office is now based in Cape Town.